Through the generous support of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, La Ruche has initiated an arts-based social inclusion project, called the “art hive movement” to spread the ideas across Canada. We are actively seeking and responding to communities who are interested in developing small creative hubs and science shops for university and neighbourhood collaboration through the arts. The studios will develop according to the needs determined by communities while being assisted by university students and faculty. We believe that success in this pursuit can be found by pairing the enthusiasm of university learners with the direction and insight of committed community members.

What is an art hive?

It is a welcoming place to dialogue and make art in order to build community and respond in creative ways to things that matter and a creative arts model of mobilizing knowledge through inspiring exchange of research.

It is a community-university partnership striving to bring the expertise and resources of the university to the community and reciprocally, to bring the local knowledge and diversity of the community to the university, for everyone’s growth and development.

It is transactional space for university students to participate in service learning and engaged learning. And a method for university educators to collaboratively develop informed answers in response to concerns and community-driven questions.

We are looking for people to champion the importance of working together to achieve the common goal of creating meaningful community through cooperative work and rewarding experiences.

Please consider looking in your neighbourhood for the people that can make this growth and change happen.